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Competition on the Telecommunication Sector

Sinem GÜL

1. Introduction

The developments in the telecommunications and information technologies have improved and increased the connectivity between and within countries thereby remaining barriers of time and spatial separation. This in turn has resulted in increased integration of markets, improved commerce and geo-political relations.

At global and regional level, a number of initiatives aimed at increasing the development and use of information and communication, technology (ICT) have been developed. The major drivers include the United Nations, the World Trade Organisation, the International Telecommunications Union, the Universal Postal Union. Turkey’s membership to the European Union is still pending and it is expected that once admitted to the EU telecom regulations shall apply. On the other hand, Turkey is a member of the OECD. Hence, the European practises in the telecom sector are being adopted in Turkey.

Turkey has participated in a number of global events that are focusing on ICTs as a tool for sustainable growth and development. The country is fully committed to Millenium Development Goals and it is envisaged that ICTs can be harnessed to the achievement of these goals namely;